Customised Finance Team Plan

Comprehensive monthly plan with everything you need to handle your day-to-day finance operations in one affordable monthly subscription.

This is a pricing calculator to help you understand our pricing structure. Don’t worry about getting it right, our sales team will spend time understanding your business needs and propose a plan that is right for you.
Step 1

Accounting and Tax

Start with the core accounting and tax plan

Monthly accounting and tax services
starting atS$200per month
Monthly management reports: Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement
Monthly scorecard of key financial metrics
Bank reconciliation
Software subscription
Unaudited Annual Financial Statements
Annual corporate tax computation and filing (ECI and Form C-S)
Tax optimisation and planning (?)
Pick a plan base on the scale of your business
<25 bank transactions
S$200per month
25 - 75 bank transactions
S$375per month
76 - 125 bank transactions
S$550per month
126 - 200 bank transactions
S$650per month
201 - 300 bank transactions
S$850per month
GST-registered companies
+S$125per month
Tracking of standard-rated supplies and purchases
Quarterly GST computation and F5 filing
Audit trail for all GST claims
Step 2

Day-to-day finance operations

Let Cabin do the hard work so you don’t have to

Most Popular
Accounts payable
starting atS$200per month
Dedicated email inbox for supplier payments requests
Verification of invoices against the statement of accounts
Preparation of payments via bank transfer
Working capital optimisation
<10 payments
+S$200per month
10 - 25 payments
+S$300per month
26 - 50 payments
+S$475per month
51 - 75 payments
+S$625per month
76 - 100 payments
+S$750per month
Accounts receivable
starting atS$200per month
Weekly reconciliation of paid invoices
Weekly receivables chasing and reminder
5x automated email reminders + 2x phone call chaser per overdue invoice
Monthly aged receivables report
<25 unpaid invoices
+S$200per month
25 - 50 unpaid invoices
+S$300per month
51 - 100 unpaid invoices
+S$450per month
101 - 200 unpaid invoices
+S$600per month
201 - 400 unpaid invoices
+S$750per month
starting atS$250per month
Monthly payroll computation
Bank GIRO file creation + CPF submission
Electronic leave management system
Annual IRA8 or AIS submission. IR21 submission when required
Staff expense claims included if paired with Accounts Payable service
10 employees
+S$per month
Cabin assistant
starting atS$125per month
Consolidate all finance source documents (bills and invoices) into a box
Box will be collected by Cabin at the end of the month
Documents will be scanned, filed, and entered into our accounting system
<25 documents
+S$125per month
25-75 documents
+S$200per month
76 - 150 documents
+S$300per month
151 - 250 documents
+S$450per month
251 - 400 documents
+S$650per month
Step 3

Complex accounting requirements

If your business has complex requirements, we will tailor a plan for you

Profit center tracking
Get a quote
Multiple outlets or product lines sales and cost tracking
Complex revenue recognition
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Detailed unearned revenue tracking or unconventional revenue recognition
Projections and budget tracking
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Projections and budgeting model building
Monthly updates to compare actuals vs. budget/projection
Finance team management
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Paired with your in-house finance executive(s)
Finance operations process building and management
Your Customised Finance Team plan:
S$0per month
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How do prices change as I grow?

We adjust our fees only when there is a structural change in the complexity and volume of the work required. To not penalise you for once-off fluctuation in the volume of transactions, we will only make adjustments to your pricing tier if the number of bank transactions exceeds or fall below the mid-point mark between pricing tiers for 3 consecutive months.

What is your cancellation policy?

We will require at least one month’s notice in order to ensure a smooth transition. A refundable deposit equivalent to one month’s of fees is held to be used to offset any payments due.

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